International lawyer in the XXI century

As happened in the 60s, the economic and financial crisis has driven back to businesses and professionals to build a future beyond our borders.

Numerous professionals (qualified or not) either on its own initiative, or their employer, have been moving abroad in recent years. This reality, ever closer, has become an international demand for legal advice in our daily bread.
What governs labor regime abroad? Do workers have the same rights as in Spain? They can vary depending on the country of residence? Is there a similar social security coverage? Will they keep workers rights generated in Spain in case of return? Are periods of work abroad will be taken into account to generate the right to unemployment or retirement? To hire a worker in another country, I must be there another company? What more interested, hire local workers or move from Spain? These are questions that flood the “inboxes” lawyers of the century.

The internationalization of companies and the movement of workers has become the phenomenon of the century.

In this scenario, dominate the regulations issued by our Parliament, or the interpretation thereof can make the Supreme Court and other judicial bodies, is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of a global world.

Every lawyer seeking to develop their career in this new reality must dust off their books International Law to remember the historic Treaty of Rome and the ILO Conventions, examining the Community regulations and bilateral agreements on social security, and instruction in Directives European and in the most recent judgments of the European Court of Justice.

And until this process of globalization (predictably) encourage the unification of legislation in order to ensure legal certainty for anyone who intends to carry out their work across national borders, the international presence of legal firms becomes a major competitive advantages to ensure adequate legal service.

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